Criminal Law

Whether you require advice or representation regarding a criminal law issue or offence, we will be on hand to help you defend cases at all levels of criminal law in Northern Ireland. Our criminal law service includes police station visits on a 24 hour basis to assist with PACE interviews, advising those in custody and defending clients against public prosecutions.

Our criminal team can assist you on:

  • Police station attendance
  • Court representation
  • Representation in appeal court
  • Access to expert witnesses

Dedicated to helping you
We make sure that you receive strong and supportive legal advice and representation. Our team of lawyers are always on hand to help you and are available on a 24 hour basis.

We will be happy to provide you with advice in any following areas:
  • Motoring offences including drink driving and speeding issues
  • All forms of summonses from the Public Prosecution Service
  • Charge Sheets from the Police

Whenever you are accused of any criminal offence it is obviously a very stressful and concerning time. In some circumstances it is important that you get the right advice to know your rights and to know how best to defend any case brought against you. In the circumstances, if you have been accused of any crime or been changed with any offence contact us and we can assist you.